Goss brothers bring passion to Hinsdale Central secondary

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Steve Reaven

There’s always been a healthy spirit of competition between Owen and Guyhenry Goss.

Going toe-to-toe in video games or board games might be standard fare for most adolescent boys, but the Hinsdale Central twins took brotherly battles to another level during a handful of Thanksgiving celebrations. They turned the typical “Turkey Bowl” pickup game into the “Turkey Brawl," complete with boxing gloves in their basement.

The two were egged on by their two older brothers, Brett and Colin Goss, both former Hinsdale Central football letterwinners, and they didn’t disappoint.

“All the cousins would place bets on who would win,” Owen Goss said. “Those are some of the fondest memories of us competing. I don’t know who got any of the money, but it wasn’t us.”

Fast forward a decade or so, and the brothers are now seniors who have joined forces as half of the Red Devils’ defensive backfield, with ... READ FULL STORY

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